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Clip Through was founded in 2015 in a mission to deliver news, reviews, and other thoughts on a side of gaming often missed by the mainstream game press. We publish news on small-team developers with innovative ideas from all regions of the world, and our reviews are in a similar vein; we cover games which fit outside the box, and games which offer value beyond just entertainment.

Our feature writing comes in two main packages: Previews and Cartridge Tilt. Clip Through Previews are profiles on developers and games in development of all shapes and sizes. You’ll find what to expect in a game along with our first impressions. For games without playable builds, we’ll offer a contextualization of the game’s development. Likewise, Cartridge Tilt aims to re-contextualize games for a broader audience–it’s where you can read about the special moments in games and game culture.

To “clip through” (or “no-clip”) a game world is to see what’s outside the level, and Clip Through is a place to pass through those same walls between developers and players. Pop-in is where you can go to read full interviews with developers, as well as join in on the discussions we all have about games. You can argue our opinions, or get involved in community play dates.

With Clip Through we want to showcase that the game industry–all its developers, players, and writers alike–is human. Welcome to the other side of gaming.

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