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Lucas Baird

Use Dogs To Get Guns in E3 2017’s Far Cry 5

The Ubisoft E3 2017 press conference brought the first gameplay trailer for Far Cry 5, following the game's recent announcement. Dan Hay, the franchise's creative director, introduced a look at the game's setting of Hope, Montana, a "vast, beautiful,...

Suda 51 Refuses to Let It Die

Let it Die starts you in your underwear. That's an important element of gameplay, and no E3 interview with developer Suda51 has passed without that critical factoid to start it off. Goichi Suda, known by his nickname Suda51, is the sort of persona...

Lucas Baird

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Yo, do you remember the PC Gamer Bioshock demo disc from 2007? Lucas does, and it was all downhill from there. Lucas Baird is an alumni of Vancouver Island University's Creative Writing program who often writes things about video games, whether he likes them or not. He cares too much about art in all its shapes and angles.