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Alone With You: Video Game Review

Rarely does a game come around which, on the surface, is so well-suited to my interests and preferences, that I’ve never heard of. The fact that Alone With You was able to sneak by me until I stumbled upon it randomly in the Playstation Store a coupl...

On No Man’s Sky: Hype Dreams

Announced in 2013, No Man's Sky has been one of those games that builds a hype train so massive, and so powerful, that the only thing it can really do is explode and kill everyone on board. The prospect of a procedurally generated universe that we co...


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Brendan is a thirty-something console and board gamer from Vancouver Island. He grew up playing games, starting with SNES. He has distinct memories of a game he could never beat called X-Kalibur 2097... He now lives in Northern BC with his wife and three cats - currently playing on a Nintendo Switch and PS4 with PSVR.