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Reid Eccles

Gears of War and the mad world of AAA hype

I am terrible at keeping my expectations realistic. It’s hard for me to refrain from overhyping just about anything these days. The Force Awakens outweighed lightsabers with nostalgia, Jurassic World was all product placements, Deadpool wasn’t R-rate...

DOOM Preview: Bloody Renaissance

Do not stop to think. There is no time to think—there’s a demon back there, just keep moving. There’s health in the next room. Keep firing. There’s ammo in the next passage. Reload and you’re dead. There’s armour in that blood fountain and—oh shit. T...

Reid Eccles


Reid Eccles is a forest engineer, journalist, aspiring screenwriter, and Creative Writing graduate at Vancouver Island University. He works outdoors to justify binge-watching films and his all-night videogame sessions. His writing has appeared in the Navigator Newspaper and Portal Magazine.