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Antony Stevens

Glitchhikers is surreal and epigrammatic

A calm voice drools out of the radio: “And that was Pinky’s Dream by David Lynch.” It’s just past two in the morning, the sky is a byzantium purple above the highway, and the radio host starts telling me about the Ming Dynasty. I see some tail-lights...
Screenshot of Mini Metro

Mini Metro will make you love the subway

You know those really clean subway maps, with solid colors and minimal distractions (like these)? Have you ever wanted to design one for yourself, perhaps even create your own route so you can get to work faster? If so: Read on. If not...

Antony Stevens


Antony Stevens is a poet and journalist, and an alumni of Vancouver Island University. He has had bylines at Indie Game Magazine, Canada.com, Comics and Gaming Magazine, and the Financial Post. He is a proponent of performance poetry, and he holds his breath when he writes.