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Antony Stevens

On Thomas was Alone

I’m playing a game about squares. I’m just past half-way through the story and the platforming is beginning to frustrate me. I unlock an “achievement” for 100 deaths and I’m fairly certain that at least 50 of those were in the last 6 levels alone. Be...

Synch: The greatest moment in Fez

What comes to mind when you think of Fez? For some it’s the five-year development time and the controversial behavior of its lead developer, Phil Fish. In June 2013, Fish announced Fez II only to cancel the game a short month later after a particular...

Antony Stevens


Antony Stevens is a poet and journalist, and an alumni of Vancouver Island University. He has had bylines at Indie Game Magazine, Canada.com, Comics and Gaming Magazine, and the Financial Post. He is a proponent of performance poetry, and he holds his breath when he writes.