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Spenser Smith

Note on bulletin board in Gone Home reading "Sam: Stop leaving every damn light in the house on! You're as bad as your sister."

Gone Home Review: Digging around

I remember finding a collection of award plaques in the bottom of a cabinet in my basement. The plaques were engraved with my mom’s name, Alison Smith, and the name of a business I didn’t recognize called Second Look. One was for “The Best Manicure i...

Undertale Review: Morality of an RPG

Undertale, “The friendly RPG where nobody has to die.” Apparently I missed that slogan, because I killed almost every monster I saw. It wasn’t bloodthirsty desire that drove my killing, but rather a cultivated sense of how RPGs are meant to be played...

Spenser Smith


Spenser Smith is a writer and photographer studying at Vancouver Island University. His work has been featured in The Quilliad, text, Potluck Mag, Portal, the Navigator and elsewhere.