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No Man’s Sky: Captain’s Log #01

The following document was received by ClipThrough.com and is being shared in the interest of transparency.


Transmission Date: [REDACTED]
Mission Number: 510x044-z3
Status: Active

My name is [REDACTED], and this is the first entry in my Captain’s Log. Things have not started out especially well. I encountered an anomaly almost immediately after launch, and my craft was pulled into a black hole located just outside of our system, [REDACTED]. At some point, I lost consciousness, and when I regained my senses I was on a strange and freezing planet.

Designated Imuraga-Ofast Vuguide, this undiscovered planet featured extreme cold-weather conditions. The system was unfamiliar to me, and ATLAS information was unavailable. As per my mission, I named the system and the planet, uploading its information to the ATLAS. I have designated the system ARK.0, and this first planet, EKO, after my son. There were small life forms present, and their information is available to you in the ATLAS as well.

While repairing my ship was relatively straightforward using the resources present on the planet, there are two things present here that no one on [REDACTED] bargained for.

The first is, perhaps, most important, and flies in the face of what we believed true about the universe: There are other intelligent life forms on this planet. In my exploration of the surface, I came across a technologically advanced building–an operations base of some kind. The entity living within seemed to be some kind of digital avatar for a life form off-planet. I couldn’t understand the language it spoke, but I did attempt to communicate. This attempt was unsuccessful, and the entity took a sample of my brain material, against my will, before ushering me back out onto the surface of the planet. The procedure was non-invasive, but I do still find myself in significant pain.

The other thing that no one, myself included, expected to find were the monoliths. Whatever they are, they do not seem to be from ATLAS. They are large, and emit an energy that I have never encountered before. I found one on my way back to the ship, and found myself inexplicably drawn to it. I touched it, and a voice echoed through my skull, I thought I might die right there. Instead… I came away from the encounter with an increased understanding of something called the Korvax Convergence. Though the information is limited, and still unclear, these structures seem to impart information and language. I will continue to keep an eye out for them.

These revelations on Day One are monumental, and I would recommend taking a second look at our mission parameters; it would seem that our initial speculations were incorrect. I will continue to make my way to the ATLAS, and hope that it may be able to offer more information to me.

My ship has now been repaired, and I will be continuing my journey from here.

Further updates to follow.

[REDACTED], signing off.