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15 years after the release of Beyond Good and Evil, with much desire, hype, and need for a sequel, it is finally coming. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced during the Ubisoft conference with a beautiful and bizarre trailer. You could see just how important this was to director Michel Ancel, who was very nearly in tears at the beginning of the presentation, and I can only imagine that that sentiment is echoed through fans of this game who haven been hoping to see this game come to life for more than a decade.

Described as having a “seamless online playground,” Beyond Good and Evil 2 will allows players to roam both alone, and with friends. The game is set in System 3, 20 years before the birth of Jade, in a multi-ethnic, multicultural society. In this time, corporations make hybrids in labs and enslave them to conquer the cosmos.

There is a real sense of the magnitude of this announcement from creators, and the entire team at Ubisoft came to the stage to congratulate the creators, and there was true joy and excitement present in the room–and on Twitter. Fans have also been invited to join the “Space Monkey Program” by going to BGEGame.com. No release date yet, but the hype train has surely started its journey now, so here’s hoping that the game delivers what fans have been waiting for all this time.