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Bioware Edmonton’s all-new IP Anthem was revealed with a teaser video at EA’s E3 conference Saturday morning. The teaser showed enormous monsters, sci-fi exoskeletons, and a dangerous storm tearing through a fantasy world. EA’s Jon Warner rejoined the stage at the Xbox conference on Sunday afternoon to show a gameplay reveal running on the Frostbite engine.

Anthem is shown to be an open-world marvel where players will explore the unknown and protect humanity. With a dynamic world and large-scale events such as mysterious “Shaper storms,” Anthem is a visually stunning marvel.

Powered by exosuits, players will jetpack around a lush alien planet akin to the detailed worlds seen in the Mass Effect universe. The Exosuits are heavily customizable, with a level system and various weapon options. The “Colossus” exosuit, for example, is a tanking power house capable of firing shoulder-mounted mortors. The “Javelin” exosuit on the other hand is faster, but features less volatile rockets.

Anthem is set to be Bioware’s first foray into the multiplayer co-op shooter genre popularized by Destiny. The game will feature loot drops with legendary weapons and many similar gameplay elements.

We’ll have more details on Anthem as the emerge during our E3 2017 coverage.