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Nintendo opened their E3 conference with four new Switch announcements featuring classic IP. A new Kirby gameplay trailer showed up to three CPU allies assisting Kirby, combining their powers into combo attacks with the classic Kirby aesthetic shining through. HAL is back at it, developing this new title simply named ‘Kirby’.

Yoshi was shown traveling with a trail of eggs, using them to manipulate the background and foreground. The art did not appear to be in style of Yoshi’s Woolly World, and instead appeared to be a new Yoshi IP reminiscent of Yoshi’s Story. Following ‘Kirby’, this game was simply titled ‘Yoshi’.

Pokken Tournament DX was the first Pokemon game confirmed for the Switch earlier this year, but Nintendo announced that a core RPG Pokemon title is now in development for the Switch. This new game is “more than a year” out.

Finally, a dark cosmic background panned back to reveal an iridescent number ‘4’, before ‘Metroid Prime 4’ faded into view, confirming that a new game in the series is in development after a decade.