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Fullbright released a new trailer and new gameplay footage for their upcoming first-person adventure game Tacoma at this year’s E3.

Tacoma, Fullbright’s much anticipated sophomore effort, takes place on a lunar transfer station 200,000 miles from earth. Much like Gone Home, it’s the player’s job to fit puzzle pieces together and figure out what happened while they were gone. You can rewind virtual recordings of the missing crew members as you’re tasked with investigating and surfing certain sections of the space station in zero gravity.

Travelling through the cosmic void of space, the game has an errie, ethereal aesthetic, and virtual projections of other characters are at the forefront of how players make new discoveries and interact with the story. You can even throw up Steph Curry-esque, zero gravity assisted layups on the station’s basketball nets. What’s not to love?

Originally slated to be released this year, Tacoma will be available in spring 2017.