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At the 2013 Horizon conference, Polytron head Phil Fish famously announced Fez IIonly to loudly cancel the game and subsequently exit the games industry a short month later. After wrapping up development on a number of ports of the original Fez, Fish pursued a career in music, occasionally appearing as a DJ and posting his beats on Twitter, so the new collaboration with Finji Games makes all kinds of sense.

In a blog post, Fish announced that his studio Polytron would be making the jump to becoming a partnership label, called Polytron Partners (somewhat like ‘Double Fine Presents’; not a publishing label), and would help promote Panoramical as it geared towards launch. [Editor’s note: Fish has only made 10 between December 2014 and December 2015– 6 of which were about were about Panoramical.]

The next Polytron Partners project is Super Hypercube, developed by Fish’s pre-Fez studio Kokoromi. Super Hypercube is slated to be a a launch title on Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. The game was inspired by Kokoromi’s “love for all things glowing, epitomized by neon light, 80s motion graphics, early computer art, and the minimalist art movement known as “light and space”. The game is meant to give players a surreal feeling of weightlessness as they immerse themselves in the visual art.

This article was originally publish on indiegamemag.com on June 12, 2014, as “Polytron Partners revealed; Panoramical first project,” and has been edited accordingly.