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During the Ubisoft press conference at E3 this afternoon, Ubisoft San Francisco revealed their work on South Park: The Stick of Truth sequel Fractured but Whole.

Like Stick of Truth, the game stars the player as their role-played character, this time a superhero lead by Cartman’s “The Coon.” The Coon has fractured friendship after a proposal to create a new superhero franchise, creating a civil war between friends.

“Marvel wanted to call their movie Captain America: The Fractured but Whole,” South Park creator Trey Parker said on stage.

Ubisoft said that players will get to choose what kind of superhero they want to be by offering a dozen different superhero classes and the choice to mix and match powers from those classes.

The gameplay, art style, and official voice work from the Stick of Truth will carry into the new sequel, but with refinements to combat. Players will no longer be restricted to one location during fights, and cover has been implemented.

In a gameplay demo, Cartman was in charge of coming up with a tragic backstory for the player. In the demo, the player doesn’t trust anyone anymore because “their dad fucked their mom.”

“How could the person you trust do that to the only other person you love,” Cartman says.

The Fractured but Whole will release on December 6 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Pre-purchasers will get Stick of Truth on PC for free.