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What if time only moved when you did? Superhot is the next evolution of stylistic action, building on what has become generic since The Matrix and Max Payne. In Superhot, when you move quickly your enemies will too, and if you stay still, time will stop. Simultaneously cinematic and minimalistic, the game will offer story-driven, breach-and-clear gameplay full of tense set pieces that make use of its time-wielding mechanic, and a unique polygonal art-style that uses only shades of red, orange, and grey– blood, heat, and lead.

Superhot is a shooter where levels end up feeling like puzzles revolving around a combination of planning and reflexes– “like a game of real-time chess” the developers call it–and, in a way, the game feels like a first-person Hotline Miami with a slow-motion mechanic. I’m not alone in the sentiment, as a developer on itch.io produced a top-down version of Superhot called “Super Hotline Miami” back in July.

Superhot replay gameplay


The game was initially conceived during the 7 Day First Person Shooter challenge, and when the Unity-based prototype was made public, it became so popular that the game was Greenlit on Steam within a weekend. Last year, the Superhot team released a text-based version in which time only moves when you type, and later launched a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. Within 48 hours, Superhot received 150% funding, unlocking two of its stretch goals (better animations and a speedrun mode), with the third (a real-time replay mode) unlocked not long after.

As of December 1st, Superhot has entered QA testing, as the developers and testers go on their last bug-killing efforts before the PC and Xbox One release slated for the spring. If you’re looking for more on Superhot, try out the initial protytype for yourself, see the latest beta gameplay on Youtube, or follow the regular Kickstarter updates.

We’ll have more on Superhot as it nears release.

This article was originally published on indiegamemag.com on May 19, 2014, and has been edited accordingly.